April Pools Day 2011

On April 1, the SNCDPC partnered with Safe Kids Clark County to spread the word about water safety through a media event called April Pools Day.

The purpose of holding such an event on April 1 was to get people thinking about water safety prior to the start of the swim season, which is traditionally Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Statistically, many drownings occur on these two holidays.

April Pools Day also provided an opportunity to spread the word about the  “ABC&Ds of Drowning Prevention,” which are simple steps to stay safe around the pool.

  • A = Adult Supervision
  • B = Barriers (fences & self-closing, self-latching gates)
  • C = Classes (CPR and Swim Lessons)
  • D = Devices (PFDs/Life Jackets and Rescue Tools)

The day started with a press conference at the Desert Breeze Indoor Pool on Spring Mountain and Durango.  The press conference was covered by the local Fox, CBS, ABC and CBS affiliates.  Click on the links below to view the coverage.

After the press conference, the TV cameras followed as fire fighters walked door-to-door in a neighborhood near Desert Breeze distributing pool safety information.

In addition to the press coverage, the jurisdictions of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County issued proclamations proclaming April 1 to be April Pools Day.

On April 1, 2012, look for the SNCDPC and Safe Kids Clark County to partner once again to highlight the importance of water safety and the ABC&Ds of Drowning Prevention!