June 20, 2012

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Two Children Have Drowned In Southern Nevada This Year

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The Southern Nevada Child Drowning Prevention Coalition (SNDCPC) wants to remind parents and other care givers that large bodies of water are just as dangerous as a backyard pool or spa when it comes to children.  Already this year, a three-year-old girl drowned in the Virgin River in May while on an outing with her family just outside of Mesquite, and a two year old boy drowned at Lake Mead last Friday.

Regardless of the type of water source – swimming pool, spa, stream, river, or lake – people need to remember and practice the A-B-C-Ds of drowning prevention:

 A – Adult Supervision.  A responsible adult needs to have eye contact and be within reach of all children while they are in any type water.

B – Barriers.  A barrier around the pool itself is one of the best ways to help prevent tragedy.  If you are on a boat or outside camping, consider child restraint devices such as a playpen to keep children in while they are near outside water bodies.

 C – Classes.   C.P.R. is a must for anyone who has a swimming pool or who visits outside water sources on a regular basis.  Other classes to consider include swimming classes and safe boating classes.

 D – Devices.  An approved personal flotation device is recommended for children who cannot swim when they are near any type of water source, including swimming pools.  Children should wear an approved flotation device anytime they are out in an outside body of water, especially on a watercraft or while engaged in an activity near water, such as fishing.

In almost every case, drowning is preventable.  For more information about drowning prevention and water safety, contact the Southern Nevada Drowning Prevention Coalition at