A two-year-old girl was found in a backyard pool just after noon on July 10 on Black Forest Drive (Sahara/Decatur).  The toddler was staying at a relative’s home overnight which has occurred in the past.  This morning when family members woke around noon, they found the sliding glass door on the house partially open.  When they went to investigate, they found the toddler in the in-ground swimming pool in the backyard.  They brought the child out and began CPR.  A Metro police officer arrived on scene and assumed CPR just before firefighters and paramedics from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue (LVFR) and the Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) arrived on scene.  The child was given advance life support by paramedics of LVFR and CCFD while being transported to the UMC Pediatrics Unit. It is unknown how long the child was in the pool.  There was no secondary barrier around the pool.

The condition of the child is unknown at this time.

For more information, contact Timothy R. Szymanski, 702-303-2993