Will Include Demonstration of a Simulated Drowning and Rescue

April Pools Day 2012

—Henderson first responders simulate the resuscitation of a drowning victim during SNCDPC’s April Pools Day 2012 media event. More photos. . .

One of the leading reasons of accidental death for children less than four years of age in Southern Nevada is water related incidents that result in drowning. On average, eight children drown each year in Southern Nevada.  With warmer weather comes the use of swimming pools and the potential for water related accidents.  To make the public aware of the dangers and how to prevent drowning, the Southern Nevada Child Drowning Prevention Coalition (SNCDPC) will be holding their sixth annual “April Pools
Day” event next Wednesday. Speakers will provide safety tips during the event and a demonstration of a simulated drowning and rescue will also be performed.  The event is to bring awareness to the community about the dangers of drowning and how it can be prevented.

WHAT: April Pools Day Kick Off

WHEN: Wednesday, April 1 / 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: City of Las Vegas Garside Pool, 250 S. Torrey Pines Drive.

WHO: Various Dignitaries & SNCDPC Members

WHY: To bring awareness to the community on how to prevent child drowning in Southern Nevada.


MEDIA NOTE: PIO Tim Szymanski will be on-site for media coordination and assistance.  He can be reached at (702) 303-2993. Speakers for interviews both in English and Spanish will be available.